What can be expected from an IT Managed Services Provider?

What can be expected from an IT Managed Services Provider?

So what, specifically is an IT Managed Services Provider? Essentially it’s a company that remotely manages a customer’s IT infrastructure or end-user system on a proactive basis under some kind of model, most likely subscription-based (as you pay a fixed, monthly fee).


The advantages for companies, both big and small is that the problems of monitoring and implementing changes is taken away from them. Sometimes, companies are built in a way that will allow them to provide this service in house, but a lot of the time, they benefit from using a third-party supplier.


What you can generally expect from an Axians C&CIT Managed Services provider is unlimited remote server support, unlimited remote desktop support with proactive remote 24/7 server monitoring and back up monitoring.


What this actually does for your business is to relieve the pressure and keep your business running smoothly,taking the worry away from IT. If there is an issue with your IT, you’ll have a fix before you even suffer the consequences, you’ll just be notified of an issue.

As part of an IT managed service offering, Axians C&C regularly and proactively reviews managed service infrastructure requirements. A flexible approach within the IT managed services environment, coupled with a clear pricing model and expert engineers to support and proactively monitor and support the IT.


So, what can be expected from an IT managed services provider? Well, the very best, such as Axians C&C, expect everything, and notice nothing.


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